Ready Made Spells

There are occasions when a spell needs to be cast on short order and it may be appropriate or plausible to raise energy to launch it. Quick defensive measures, emergency sigils, or healing spells are just a few of the situations I have encountered where it is difficult to raise the energy or maintain the focus to perform magic. Because I am first and foremost a chaos magician, I considered what lines of thinking I could adopt to approach the problem, and came up with some methods to prime or “pre-cast” spells or sigils. Continue reading


So I was asked a while back what components are necessary for successful spellcrafting.

Spell can be very elaborate. They can involve numerous ingredients, representations, candles, accessories, incenses, chants, motions, and all manner of things.

But I’m a chaos magician. I usually like to keep things simple.

What do you need to cast a spell? Instructions and focus. That’s all. Continue reading

Public Sigils

Chaos Magic works very heavily with sigils. And one fun technique involves viral sigils: sigils copied and placed in public locations so that random people will activate them (without realizing it). The idea here is that you get a scattershot approach, and instead of one result from your spell you get numerous. This works well in healing and money magic (as well as if you’re trying to get laid).

Somewhat related to this is the notion of trading sigils with other magicians who can help charge them. The idea here is that other magicians lack the lust of results and conscious awareness that can lessen the effectiveness of the sigil launch.

But there are some concerns with this approach, which Satyr Magos has pondered in a recent blog post: Continue reading

Magical Wording

Magic is very caught up in language. It seems to be the best way for us to encode our desires for processing during the act of magic. Our words and metaphors for magic reflect the importance of language: we cast “spells” and keep them in “grimiores.”

But there’s a problem. Because our language embodies a lot of ideas, and not all of them are conducive to magic. Continue reading

Candle Magic

In case you’ve missed it, I have an essay up on the Witches’ Voice discussing some candle magic techniques.

But because I’m ambitious (and an attention whore), I have made a follow-up video to this essay in which I further discuss and demonstrate some of the techniques in mention in the essay, as well as some additional ideas.