Involvement in metaphysics and the occult generally involves some degree of practice. Practice involves the employment of various techniques to achieve mystical or magical experiences. The attainment of these experiences, and the results they accord, are the aim of any such practice.

Practice is often informed and structured by theory. Theories based on previous experiences can aide in the establishment of practices that may duplicate that experience. This can also allow people who have never had metaphysical experiences, but desire to, the means to attain these experiences based upon what others have done.

Like theory, practice can be highly personal,and must be open to change and adaptation. What works for one person may not work for another. What one person wishes to experience may be different from the goals of another. Practices must be flexible, so that they may assist the individual in attaining the desired experience or result.

Blacklight Metaphysics is interested in practice as a means to attain experience. The specifics of the technique and the underlying theory are important elements to such practices, and should be documented, analyzed, and experimented with, to explore what variable and conditions can be manipulated to achieve certain goals. It is hoped that some of the essay here will serve to examine those practices and explore the resulting experiences.

The following essays will discuss elements of practice, including the merits, justification, history, or other considerations thereof:

Banishing and Protection, by Chirotus Infinitum

Warding the Home, by Chirotus Infinitum

Weather Magic, by Chirotus Infinitum

Hiring a God: Selecting a Patron Deity, by Chirotus Infinitum

Building an Altar, by Chirotus Infinitum

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