Any involvement in the occult or metaphysics will involve experiences that seem to deviate in some way from everyday, “mundane” reality. Being what we are, humans often endeavor to come up with explanations for these experiences, ranging from chemical deprivations in the brain to models of reality in which the physical world is only an illusion. These theoretical models provide a framework which metaphysical experiences can be understood or sought out. Theory helps interpret past experience and establishes a framework for pursuing future experiences.

Problems can arise when theory is held in higher esteem than real experience. Sure, it may be philosophically appealing to believe that all reality is an illusion created by the Mind, but such a belief probably won’t stop a bullet flying toward your head after you explain it to a mugger. Strict adherence to a particular model can also lead to the rejection of experiences that do not agree with that model, which is a fast road to dogmatism.

Blacklight Metaphyics views experience as primary, and values theory that can help account for metaphysical, magical, or mystical experiences in a way that provides meaning and illumination, and promotes the development of techniques that allow for repetition of such experiences. Any effective metaphysical theory or model must be open to change as new data come in, and must be willing to allow for exceptions that may arise.

The following essays or other contributions discuss or consider general theories of magic or metaphysics.

Fair Weather Wicca, by Chirotus Infinitum

Chaotic Identity, By Chirotus Infinitum

Know Thy Ego, by Chirotus Infinitum

Sessiomagus: The Armchair Magician, by Chirotus Infinitum

The Color of Self-Esteem, by Chirotus Infinitum

Progressive Evolutionism, by Chirotus Infinitum

Modern Aeonics, by Chirotus Infinitum

Personal Boundaries and Social Norms, by Chirotus Infinitum

An All-American Religion: On Establishing a Nation-wide NeoPagan Cultus, by Chirotus Infinitum

Authority and Status in the Metaphysical Community, by Chirotus Infinitum

Magical Escapism, by Chirotus Infinitum


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